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Lemon Cranberry Bread

15 Oct

I love this time of year, the crisp cool morning air, the leaves change colour, the approaching holidays.  What’s not to like, well aside from a bitter Canadian winter?  I’m not quite sure if it’s embedded in our human genetic makeup passed down from the caveman, but as soon as the temperature dips slightly I feel the need to eat everything around me as if preparing for a long hibernation.

Here’s where it gets tricky for me.  It’s been about a year now that I have been watching my weight, and I’m proud to say I have lost a significant amount.  Funny enough I started this endeavour during the fall of last year, Halloween was difficult and then came the holidays.  I told myself that if I can make it past the holidays and not give into temptation then I can really do this.  And I did.  You may be asking me, “Anna, why have a blog about baking, or how can you even bake at all?”  Well the answer is actually pretty simple, I do it to test myself and oh yeah I love baking & cooking.  Continue reading