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Spring is Finally Here…

22 May

  Cherry Blossom from my Cherry Tree

I admit, I have not been updating my blog. What I have been doing is staying outdoors and getting ready for the summer. I love gardening, almost as much as being in the kitchen.
So my husband and I have been working like busy bees, planting, mowing, seeding, cleaning the deck, deweeding (is that even a word?).
And we have been doing all these work after we get home from work! Needless to say, I am very exhausted this morning and I can not wait to finally start enjoying the yard.
Well I’m making this very short and sweet, I promise to be back with pictures of our labour of love. xoxo


Apple Pie

8 May


I love all things pie, but I never really ventured into the land of pie making until this year…especially Apple Pie. I have only ever made two types of Pie in the past, either Lemon Meringue or Cherry Pie.  We have a cherry tree in our front yard that boasts the most perfect and sweet cherries imaginable.  So it’s only natural that I make Cherry Pie, which has become one of my favourites.

But for some reason I had never before attempted to make Apple Pie until this year when my husband (Anthony) requested it. I was always worried about making a double crust pie, and I am partial to butter crusts so I wasn’t too sure how an Apple Pie would turn out.  I used my basic pie recipe (recipe to follow) and really don’t follow a recipe for the filling.  I do always use Granny Smith apples; I prefer their firm texture and keep its shape nicely when baking.  Granny Smith do tend to me more tart, so I do add a little extra sugar.  Another trick that I picked up is to scatter some bread crumbs on the bottom crust before putting in the filling; this will prevent a soggy crust.

I made this particular pie posted here for a dinner party, and it was a huge success!

Recipe to follow after the jump 🙂

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